About Us

Why hello there! Thank you for visiting the Craft complex. We hope you enjoy our handcrafted trinkets and products borne out of the need to craft. The Craft Complex is made up of a wife and husband team—Sabine and Zack Dessau--a self-proclaimed crafting power couple. 

Sabine is an artist at heart and loves to be creative in multiple different mediums…sometimes too many mediums if you ask Zack. Zack is a trained 3D artist who utilizes his training and education to create amazing digital art pieces.

The Craft Complex was born during the height of the 2020 pandemic. Zack found himself laid off from the dreaded “Corporate World” and desired to get back to his passion, digital media, and digital art, while Sabine, who works in the Healthcare field needed an outlet, and had a literal craft complex that only the couple’s kids and families were benefiting from. The rest is what they call history—the Craft Complex was born, a place where the couple is able to share their creativity with the world—a place where if you can think of it, Sabine and Zack can craft it. It's not an obsession...it's a complex.

The Craft Complex products and trinkets are made with with a hand pouring resin, 3D Printers, Sublimation Printer, Die-Cutter Machine, and C02 Laser Cutting Machine make great gifts for any special occasion or just because.
We hope you enjoy the fruits of our crafting complex. Thank you for your support and supporting our small business.